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New intersections in Oxford, MS!

Categories: Oxford | Posted: August 13, 2014

With Oxford constantly growing and the University of Mississippi continually growing each year, several changes took place over the summer. There is currently construction on Highway 6 at the Jackson Ave. light, and construction just ended at Highway 6 and Old Taylor.


There is a new roundabout we all need to figure out how to operate when traveling on Old Taylor Rd. It is unlike the one on Lamar, as it has two lanes instead of one! I have attached a video simulation on how it works.

Old Taylor

These changes were made to help the flow of traffic not only on game days, but for students headed to class as well.


We are so excited for school to be starting back and for football season to start! Everyone watch these videos and drive safe when heading to Oxford.




Video for Old Taylor

Old Taylor Intersection

Video for Jackson Ave.

Jackson Avenue

Also, here is the link to the city if you would like more information about the new roads.